STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : End-to-End Automation for Performance Testing and Engineering


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

End-to-End Automation for Performance Testing and Engineering

Join Vinod Kashid as he walks through his experience building end-to-end automation for performance testing and engineering. His team was tasked to do daily performance testing activities for a critical application and business executives were expecting detailed application performance outcomes on a daily basis. Manual performance test execution and analysis were time consuming processes and were delaying the overall run time for final report. Business stakeholders wanted to implement zero touch automation from performance test execution to analysis and reporting (including deep-dive analysis into backend layers). Vinod will walk through how they implemented a Jenkins pipeline to automate performance test execution and designed environment-specific performance test scenarios to achieve zero touch automation. Learn how they were were able to integrate performance test execution, build the test environment in an on-demand basis, integrate load test results into a Grafana dashboard, and send an automated email with final result summary. In this session, Vinod will explain how this solution that can be easily leveraged into any DevOps cycle to automate the entire performance test cycle and reduce manual overhead of managing test executions and reporting time. See how this solution can help teams to improve productivity and assist in adapting an Agile or Scaled Agile software development methodology.

Vinod Kashid
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Vinod Kashid has 18+ years of experience in performance engineering. Currently, he is managing performance engineering delivery for Insurance clients. His experience includes building Chaos experiments for validating application resiliency and availability and he has completed 2 Gremlin certifications for Chaos Engineering. Vinod's experience spans various industries and includes strategizing Testing Centers of Excellence for customers, working in cloud computing, and AWS.