STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Traffic-Driven Testing—A Primer on Kubernetes Performance Engineering


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 9:45am to 10:45am

Traffic-Driven Testing—A Primer on Kubernetes Performance Engineering

Migrating your apps to Kubernetes and breaking up monoliths pose a unique set of testing challenges. Container-based testing gives us enormous flexibility and scalability and your testing strategy should take that into account. Waiting for a full environment and simply migrating your test scripts is risky and doesn't take advantage of Kubernetes container management features. Making sure your migrated app can handle normal load as well as spikes requires careful planning. You may also want to compare different clouds. In this talk, Matthew will go through some proven strategies for using traffic replay to help simulate realistic load patterns. He will cover Kubernetes specific sizing concerns and load balancing as well as high level testing strategies. After this talk you'll have a clear idea how to performance test your Kubernetes application migrations.

Matt LeRay

Matthew LeRay has invested the past 25 years improving the performance of applications across multiple generations of technology. Prior to co-founding Speedscale, he was head of product at Observe, SVP at CA Technologies (acquired by Broadcom) and engineering leader at ILC (acquired by General Dynamics). He is an alumnus of Georgia Tech in both Computer Engineering and Business. His first love is debugging Golang code but he occasionally takes a break to craft hand carved guitars.