STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Multi-Modal GPTs Are Coming For Your Testing! How to Adapt?


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Multi-Modal GPTs Are Coming For Your Testing! How to Adapt?

As you research the latest in generative AI technology, you will see that the development and availability of multi-modal GPT engines are fundamentally changing the way applications are tested and described. These new GPT models can generate and interpret voice, text, and images seamlessly. For example, you can ask them to navigate an application to accomplish a business task and comment on their actions. This means that we’re for the first time entering the world of AI-assisted/performed exploratory testing. When you couple this with the capabilities of GPT models to identify UI elements visually, generate test cases from simple user stories, and even create functioning automation testing, we can see that the role and skills needed by a testing team are going to be fundamentally changed. In this talk Adam will present the current state-of-the-art in terms of what GPT models can do for testing and how it is likely to evolve. He will also discuss how the role and job of testers is likely to change in response to these innovations. Finally, Adam will provide some practical examples of how you can harness GPT models to change your testing approach and get ahead of the new wave.

Adam Sandman photo

Adam Sandman was a programmer from the age of 10 and has been working in the IT industry for the past 25 years in areas such as architecture, agile development, testing and project management. Currently Adam is the Founder and CEO of Inflectra Corporation, where he is interested in technology, business and enabling people to follow their passions. At Inflectra, Adam has been responsible for researching the tools, technologies and processes in the software testing and quality assurance space. Adam has previously spoken at STAR West, STAR East, Agile+DevOps West, Agile+DevOps East, STPCon, Swiss Testing Day, InflectraCon, TestingMind, EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days, TestCon Europe, UNICOM, GSDC and STAR Canada.