STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : API Automation Mastery: From Novice to Ninja


Wednesday, September 25, 2024 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

API Automation Mastery: From Novice to Ninja

APIs are vital for modern software and tech. Why? Because apps are becoming more complex due to: rapid tech advancements, the need to integrate various components, and demand for sophisticated features. But more complexity means more risks of bugs, security flaws, and performance issues. To tackle these risks — API testing is crucial to ensure software reliability, security, and performance. Also, API testing helps developers save time. How? By finding issues early in development rather than fixing them in production. So…teams NEED to improve their API testing skills in today's fast tech world. This will help them avoid: operational disruptions, data breaches, user trust loss, and non-compliance issues. It will also help them open new opportunities and boost their career growth. This session is for everyone. Beginners will learn what APIs are and how to test and develop with Postman. Junior to mid-level will learn advanced API testing with RestAssured and Hamcrest. Seniors will learn expert API testing with data class objects.

Greg Goldshteyn
Fox Corporation

Gregory Goldshteyn is a QA Leader with years of experience in the IT industry. His professional journey includes well-known companies such as Canon, Thomson Routers, Salesforce, First Data, Sony, ADP, and Fox. He is honored to be included in Bristol Who's Who, a exclusive international registry that honors and recognizes top professionals for excellence within their industries. He has guided offshore and in-house QA teams in testing API, SaaS, mobile, mortgage, financial & banking, B2B/C2B, CRM, security, eCommerce, communication, streaming media, and cloud-based software applications. Gregory has influenced senior leadership in adopting new ideas, products, and/or approaches that improve product delivery time frame, quality, and required effort. As a lifetime learner, Gregory embraces new technologies and is actively involved in the applications of AI with a focus on low-code / no-code test automation in a QA space.