STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Automation Zero to Hero in Two Weeks


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 9:45am to 10:45am

Automation Zero to Hero in Two Weeks

Several years ago, Dave was a seasoned QA Engineer starting a new job. As the new guy, he was initially tasked with the mind-numbing task of verifying that data in reports matched expected data in a spreadsheet. This task took three weeks to complete manually. He vowed he would never do that again, so the next time around, Dave automated the process in two weeks using an open source automation tool he had never used before, all while laying the foundation for an automation framework that now has over 90 contributors across 12 product lines. Session attendees will learn how to build, maintain, and market a lasting automation from the ground up that is easy to understand and adopt using well-proven design principles.

Dave Martin
Broadcom Inc.

Dave Martin has been in the QA industry for 25 years and has built many automation frameworks using a variety of tools. He has experience working in a variety of industries from Publishing to Healthcare to Finance to Security. Dave has presented at RoboCon (the annual Robot Framework conference) and has been a guest speaker on Joe Colantonio's Test Talks podcast. Dave is also the winner of the Lightning Talks at a test conference that shall not be named.