STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Manual Test Cases Suck...So Get Rid of Them!


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

Manual Test Cases Suck...So Get Rid of Them!

It has been a commonly held belief that an ever growing list of manual test cases, kept and maintained by the QA team is the best way to provide training, metrics and a roadmap for future automation efforts. But what if this base assumption is wrong? What if instead of having just a number of passing or failing test cases, we could better speak to factors like risk and quality before our products go live and have a little extra time to be creative with our testing? Rebecca Peterson wants to teach you the steps she and her coworkers have made to move towards living documentation that can still pass an audit and please your stakeholders. You will learn how to compile your exploratory testing guidelines into test strategies that cover critical paths and gotchas. Move on to test action plans that summarize your testing efforts for each story and feature that comes to you. She will discuss how to translate your efforts into a statement of risk and confidence. Finally, the session will cover how to translate these documents into automation. Come take the next step into a future of manual testing documentation.

Rebecca Petersen
Mountain America Credit Union

Rebecca Petersen started her testing journey in college when the Teaching Assistant mentioned that the testing done for a programming homework assignment might have gone “a little overboard”. It’s been 8 years and a couple of jobs since then and there is nothing to stop her passion for quality. She’s worked with various methods of manual testing documentation and passionately spent time working to improve each style. In between bouncing around development teams she constantly maintains some form of automation or other programming side project at all times.