STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : The Art of Winning Leadership Support for Web Accessibility


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

The Art of Winning Leadership Support for Web Accessibility

Feeling unheard in your fight for web accessibility? What if you could turn this struggle into a success story? Join this candid conversation on navigating the nuanced journey of integrating accessibility, even when convincing leadership seems like an uphill battle. Together, we'll reflect on Renata's initial stumbles, identify common pitfalls, and strategize to avoid them. Anticipate leadership concerns by understanding deeper motivations behind their resistance. Master the art of speaking their language and tailor your message to resonate with decision-makers. Empower your champions, leveraging their influence to build momentum and support. Discover the right web accessibility testing solutions for your unique needs and learn to measure the impact, articulating positive effects on user experience, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Join Renata and leave feeling equipped to champion web accessibility and make a real difference in your organization!

Renata Santillan

Renata Santillan, Product Strategist at Parasoft, skillfully aligns product capabilities with customer behavior. With over 8 years immersed in testing tool companies, she embraces all facets of testing, constantly devising innovative ways to engage the community and enhance the developer and QA experience. Having navigated wearing different hats at startups to large companies, she leverages her diverse skill set to introduce new features and drive business strategy. Renata's tech journey began at Dev Bootcamp, sparking a transformative experience that ignited her career and fostered a deep appreciation for collaborating with and advocating for developers. Based in Los Angeles, she enjoys exploring local farmers markets and dedicates time to mentoring members of Techqueria, a Latinx in tech network.