STARWEST 2024 Keynote : Inflection Points


Wednesday, September 25, 2024 - 8:30am to 9:45am

Inflection Points

Software testing was once so difficult that only humans could do it. A million people a year are clicking web pages, hand-crafting scripts that marry code with automation frameworks, and creating permutations of API calls. But, the craft of software testing is changing. Every aspect of software testing is changing. Software engineering is also changing, with software accelerating developers to build “more” and “faster”, and all that software needs to be tested. Software is soon generating software–ever more software that needs to be tested. Even the rates of these changes are accelerating. All this acceleration creates inflection points, points where jobs, quality, and the lives of humans will change dramatically. Jason has thought about this over a coffee or two and will walk through these upcoming inflection points that will soon impact your world of software testing and quality.


Jason Arbon is the CEO at Checkie.AI. His mission is to test all the world's apps. Google’s AI investment arm led the funding for his previous company ( Jason previously worked on several large-scale products: web search at Google and Bing, the web browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer, operating systems such as WindowsCE and ChromeOS, and crowd-sourced testing infrastructure and data at Jason has also co-authored two books: How Google Tests Software and App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams.