STARWEST 2024 Tutorial: Learn How to Implement a Test Automation Framework in Java


Tuesday, September 24, 2024 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Learn How to Implement a Test Automation Framework in Java

In the realm of software development, the challenge of maintaining high-quality standards while meeting tight deadlines is ever-present. GenAI enabling developers to produce code and potentially even more defects in shorter time clearly calls for more rapid test automation development. One of the most complex and time consuming activities is designing and building an effective test automation framework. Péter will provide some theoretical background, then the attendees will implement a UI test automation framework in Java. One of the key aspects covered in this tutorial is proper architecture design, following test automation specific approaches that are also outlined in the latest ISTQB Test Automation Engineering syllabus, such as the Tri-Layer Testing Architecture, Page Object Pattern or the Flow Model Pattern. The other key aspect is learning through simple exercises, with a step-by-step approach. Moreover, Péter will demonstrate some tips and tricks on how to leverage GenAI in decreasing time spent on repetitive framework development and test case automation tasks. Through these hands-on exercises, attendees will learn to easily and quickly craft a scalable, maintainable, and efficient test automation framework, leveraging the power of Java and GenAI.

Péter Földházi
EPAM Systems

Péter Földházi was first involved with QA as a beta tester of DOTA in 2006. Since joining EPAM in 2012, he moved towards test automation, and is currently working in the USA as a Quality Architect. He has experience in designing and developing solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications within domains such as financial, gaming, fitness and oil services. He is one of the first people in the world having successfully taken and passed the ISTQB Test Automation Engineer module exam. He is actively helping the ISTQB through the Hungarian Testing Board by reviewing and authoring syllabi. Péter is one of the programme committee members of the HUSTEF since 2015. Péter is also an active speaker, having spoken on conferences such as STARWEST, STAREAST, HUSTEF, SauceCon, etc. He used to be a guest lecturer at 3 Budapest based universities: Óbuda, Pázmány and the ELTE universities. Brewing beer and planting chilis are some of his hobbies.