STARWEST 2021 Concurrent Session : How I Became Agile When It Came to Mental Health


Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

How I Became Agile When It Came to Mental Health

Maryam Umar comes from a household of high achievers. Her parents never asked to be awesome in what she studied. They always had this unsaid expectation. Luckily, she did really well throughout school, college and university. She likes to think she got her dad’s sense of achievement and her mum’s great way of organizing her tasks. From her teens onwards, she started developing a high sense of perfection for every-thing she took on. However, she did not realize that having this high bar was slowly consuming her. Maryam will talk about how the desire to be awesome slowly engulfed her. The need to be constantly producing high quality deliverables added stress to her life and slowly started to burnout. She will also talk about how she learned to create some coping mechanisms and help not only herself, but also those around her.

Thought Machine

Maryam Umar works in London as Head of Quality of a Fintech firm, Thought Machine. She started her career 13 years ago as a QA test engineer in the finance and mobile industry. After transitioning to the eCommerce sector, Maryam performed QA in various capacities for online restaurants and travel services. She now works in QA as a manager with special focus on sustainable delivery practices. In addition to this, Maryam has been a keen advocate of creating and sustaining diverse teams.