STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Compile to Combat in 24 Hours—The Death of Regression Tests


Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Compile to Combat in 24 Hours—The Death of Regression Tests

As a Quality Engineering Director for a consulting firm delivering innovative data products to the US Department of Defense, Sufyan was faced with a new challenge. The US Government had directed all agencies delivering software solutions to the Department of Defense to provide the ultimate advantage to its warfighters. All software solutions must meet the Compile to Combat (C2C24) directive in that all requests for changes to software being used by the military must be delivered in 24 hours from the point of development to delivery. As a Quality Engineering team, this meant long and lengthy regression tests would inhibit the team's ability to meet the needs of our soldiers. In this presentation Sufyan will describe the framework that eliminated the regression tests while providing the highest quality in the solutions delivered. After attending this presentation, the attendees will have a framework in hand that they can implement in their organization resulting in faster feedback loops for the developer and shorter release cycles while maintaining the highest level of quality. The framework will target all areas of the SDLC and provide the ability to deliver high quality software utilizing modern test automation practices such as contract testing.

Sufyan Subzwari

Sufyan Subzwari began life as a C++ developer in the wireless technology industry. Intel Corporation brought Sufyan to the west coast where he matured his software skills focusing on test automation. Throughout his career, Sufyan has consulted for Fortune 50 companies including Apple and Lockheed Martin where he advanced the DevSecOps processes for production of the F-35 fighter jet and has delivered cutting edge data products to branches within the US Government’s Department of Defense. A former guest lecturer for UC Irvine and California Western School of Law, Sufyan currently serves as Executive Partner for DNAMIC AI, a software consultancy based in San Jose, Costa Rica and is committed to helping developing nations contribute to solving societal challenges on the global technology stage.