STARWEST 2024 Tutorial: Smarter Test Design with Classification Trees and Pairwise Techniques


Monday, September 23, 2024 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Smarter Test Design with Classification Trees and Pairwise Techniques

In many teams, the total number of possible combinations of inputs, outputs, browsers, and devices for the software we need to test has grown to an alarming number. As testers, we need to choose the most important tests first, but how do we do that without understanding the potential scope in the first place? In this tutorial, Julie Gardiner will share two powerful testing techniques that can help us be more efficient and effective with our testing. Classification trees are a structured, visual approach to identifying test objects and documenting test ideas and data in a way that allows anyone to understand and quickly build test cases. Pairwise is a powerful test technique that can give you a lot of fast feedback from a limited number of tests. Julie will look at the fundamentals of classification trees & pairwise and discuss how they can be applied in both traditional and agile environments to give a reduced, but impactful, set of tests. Using examples and through exercises, she will show attendees how to apply these techniques, how they can complement other testing techniques/approaches, and tools to help you apply them in the real world.

Laptops are encouraged, but most exercises can be done without one. There is also an opportunity to apply techniques in the Test Lab.

EPAM Systems

Julie Gardiner works as a Principal Consultant at EPAM Systems, providing consultancy, delivery, and advice in all aspects of testing, management, and agile/DevOps. She is a certified Scrum Master and agile coach, who has over 25 years of experience, including time as a Developer, DBA, Project Manager, Head of Operations Management, and Head of R&D. She has held positions of Test Analyst, Test Team Leader, Test Consultant, and Test Manager, Head of Test and Agile roles in the public sector and in financial, broadcasting, insurance, utilities, retail, web, and telecom industries using both traditional and agile methodologies. Before joining EPAM, Julie’s previous roles included Director of Consulting (Digital Engineering and TQA) for Hitachi Consulting, Head of Test and Implementation at a UK Bank, and Director of Product Management for CA Technologies. An enthusiastic and passionate speaker, Julie has presented worldwide as a keynote, tutorial, or track speaker and has won Best Speaker awards at many testing and agile events.