STARWEST 2024 Tutorial: Confident Communication Drives Powerful Quality Leadership


Monday, September 23, 2024 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Confident Communication Drives Powerful Quality Leadership

Driving a culture of quality starts with effective communication. Join Erika Chestnut to unlock your communication superpowers! Imagine a cheat code that helps us boost productivity and team vibes by 10x. Leverage behavior self-assessments to help discover your unique strengths, communication styles, and reactions to challenges. Erika will help you learn to communicate effectively with your team, management, and cross-functional teams to build a culture of quality. You will learn to assess how others best receive and process information and how to put the best tips and techniques into practice for each of the different profiles. Elevate your communication and messaging to drive high-quality outcomes for your test team and with cross-functional stakeholders. Erika will walk you through how to have critical conversations for common challenges that QA leaders encounter from budgeting to training to cross-team buy-in for quality initiatives. Be sure to bring your communication challenges to test your knowledge. We've lined up an array of high-energy activities. Get ready for laughter, learning, and lots of "Aha!" moments. You will walk out with skills and understanding that can transform your team and empower a culture of quality.

Erika Chestnut stands as a dedicated advocate for quality, culture, and leadership, serving as the guiding force behind The Leaders' QA Consulting. Seamlessly navigating these domains, she has become a reliable authority in leadership development. With a focus on leadership coaching, consulting, and workshop facilitation, Erika's mission is to support leaders, teams, and organizations in fostering a culture of quality, paving the way for growth and success. Beyond her role as a coach, Erika also excels as a mentor, consultant, and facilitator, marking her to be a powerful catalyst for leadership evolution.