STARWEST 2023 Concurrent Session : Quality Assurance Legacy - 30 Years of Tips and Tricks to Make QA Easier


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Quality Assurance Legacy - 30 Years of Tips and Tricks to Make QA Easier

When companies are in trouble management starts cutting expenses. Quality Assurance departments, groups and teams are often viewed as “cost centers” and not “profit centers”; in other words, an expense that can be cut. Ensuring that your QA team and department runs efficiently and effectively will make sure that QA is viewed as a “profit center”, an essential part of the company, and not as something extra to be cut at the slightest hint of trouble.

Quality Assurance teams use various tools such as bug trackers and test case repositories. Many such tools are available and marketed, but rarely do you find a tool that combines both a bug tracker and test case repository successfully. Most of these applications are good in one area and weak in the other area which will delay and hamper your QA efforts. If they do combine both functions successfully the application is very expensive and beyond the budget of most QA organizations. Each bug tracker or test case repository individually has great power if setup, implemented and used properly. This article will discuss the situation where the bug tracker and test case repository are separate applications and how to use each efficiently and effectively and then how to use each to complement the other.

ICE Mortgage Technology

I'm a quality assurance engineer and manager with over 30 years experience with a background in all aspects of software testing including black box testing and automated testing. Currently I'm working in the mortgage industry working lender origination systems and e-Signing. I'm a Senior QA Engineer and test lead for the mortgage lender product Collaboration and Post Closing (CaPC) at ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT). We work in an Agile/Scrum environment with product and project management where I manage JIRA and test cases in TestRail along with performing black box testing of a web based product written in Javascript and Angular JS. I function as a test lead for deploys to production servers. I test CaPC in conjunction with third party integrations such as DocMagic, Docutech, DocuSign, Ellie Mae's Encompass and others. I also coordinate testing with other teams including creating automated tests.