STARWEST 2024 Concurrent Session : Pipelines and Deployments and QA! Oh My!


Thursday, October 5, 2023 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Pipelines and Deployments and QA! Oh My!

As software delivery has evolved from monolithic, periodically released applications to microservices that are continuously deployed, our testing and validation practices need to evolve to support the new delivery models. An essential piece in this puzzle is the build and deployment pipelines that deliver the software to be tested and beyond. In this session, Kathleen Naughton and attendees will journey down the (yellow brick?) road to learn enough about build pipelines and deployments to ask the right questions. The questions that guide the consistent delivery of high-quality software by the whole team. Kathleen will explore definitions of build pipelines & deployments and examine some guiding principles that contribute to best practices in implementing build pipelines that are truly continuous deployments. The session will look at some real-life examples of GitLab and Jenkins based deployment pipelines and along the way, explore some of the tools used to make these delivery practices a reality. We’ll see how this all fits into easing on down the road of a quality engineer and tester by allowing for early bug detection and bug prevention. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll ease on down your own yellow brick road and be as passionate about build pipelines and deployments as Kathleen is!

World Wide Technology

Kathleen Naughton has been a Software Test Architect and Quality Engineering consultant for more than 30 years. She has assisted and guided testing of pre-iPhone streaming multimedia cellphone software, consumer and enterprise printer software, virtual storage area network devices, as well as web and mobile applications. Kathleen is a hardcore Agilist, working on agile teams since 2004. She is a believer in the whole team owning quality, the power of testers’ questions, conversations about how to prevent defects and find and fix them fast. Through her journeys she had mastered a wide variety of technology stacks, manual and automated testing, single and scaled team delivery, and dabbled in article writing and presentations at Grace Hopper, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, and Agile Testing Days.