STARWEST 2023 Keynote : Harry Potter and the Performance Store


Wednesday, October 5, 2022 - 8:45am to 9:45am

Harry Potter and the Performance Store

After defeating the Evil Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter thought he was destined for a long career as an Auror with the Ministry of Magic, spending his time catching dark witches and wizards. However, Harry's career as an Auror was short-lived. With all the dark wizards coming over to the good side after the fall of Lord Voldemort, Harry had little to do. So, he started along the path of a software engineer.

On his learning path, some of the things Harry discovered about improving the performance characteristics of applications felt downright magical. He became so fascinated with software performance that he decided to follow in the Weasley’s footsteps by starting a store in Diagon Alley to sell magical performance remedies. Curious about how this new Harry Potter story unfolds?

Join Kaushal Dalvi as he shares the tale of Harry Potter and the Performance Store. It's a tale where Harry sells magical spells and solutions to solve the world's greatest performance issues. You'll learn about a new set of spells like ISR, SSG, SSR, DPR, and OUI, and not only walk away knowing what they stand for, but how to use them to bring about magical improvements to the performance of your applications.

Don't miss out as Kaushal brings the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the big stage at STARWEST 2022!


Since he got his first computer at age thirteen, Kaushal Dalvi has been interested in systems and software performance. He spent days researching performance characteristics of different motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and disks to configure and overclock them in order to squeeze the maximum frames per second out of the games he played. Kaushal built and maintained websites for local businesses, where he started learning about performance and reliability. He developed a taste for it, and now ten years later he continues working in the same field as the director of quality and performance engineering at Ultimate Software, leading teams that deal with workload modeling, test scripting and execution, bottleneck analysis, debugging, and much more.