STARWEST - Conference Speaker: Wayne Wang

Wayne Wang

Senior Manager, DevOps
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

Wayne Wang is experienced in all aspects of IT systems delivery and operations, from strategic planning, portfolio management, project initiation, systems design, build, implementation, support, and maintenance. Wayne is a strong advocator for building quality in every step of the IT value chain using Agile/Lean and DevOps principles. In the last a few years, Wayne found a new passion of helping software development teams to move from the traditional waterfall method to Agile, supported by automated CI/CD pipelines. He built a team from scratch to develop CI/CD capacity for a development organization with several hundred developers, and played a pivotal role for its adoption of Agile and DevOps practices. As a result, the organization can now release software more frequently and with a significantly improved quality. Wayne is leading the DevOps initiative at J.B. Hunt Transport for its digital transformation as the senior manager of DevOps.