STARWEST - Conference Speaker: Sarala Pandey

Sarala Pandey

Huntington National Bank

Sarala Pandey is presently serving as the quality assurance manager for Huntington National Bank. She is responsible for managing resources and creating and maintaining QA standards and process for the entire Digital Channel team. In addition, Sarala has enhanced organizational efficiency and efficacy by piloting test automation, exploratory testing, and the continuing education program. Sarala began her career in QA with an internship at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Over the course of twenty years, she also has served as a QA analyst, QA lead, and off-shore liaison. She is responsible for delivering industry-wide SDLC standards to AT&T, IBM, SypherLink, and Huntington National Bank. Recently, Sarala was named a Trailblazer in the Smart Women Awards by Smart Business Magazine.