STARWEST - Conference Speaker: Nagesh Chetan

Nagesh Chetan

Director of Engineering

Nagesh Chetan is an accomplished technology leader with over 15 years of success in the financial services, hedge funds and most recently in the Customer Data Platform space. He is passionate about people management and has managed teams with over 14 people under him, including managers, that are both local and offshore. He enjoys building and designing real time systems that deal with client flows and data flows, financial services and a host of other verticals more recently. He has experience in build vs buy strategies for technology solutions and has excellent relationships with vendors. Nagesh is an active tennis player, competing in national tennis leagues. He also serves on the board of Photoville in New York City and volunteers with New York Cares. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Stonybrook University, NY and a undergraduate degree (B.E. Comp Sci.) from PESIT, Bengaluru.