STARWEST - Conference Speaker: David Gelperin

David Gelperin

ClearSpecs Enterprises

David Gelperin has more than 50 years experience in software engineering with an emphasis on requirements risk management and development and software quality, verification, and test (SQVT). Dave has been a SQVT consultant/mentor and instructor (20 years), quality support manager (5 years), verification lead (2 years), project lead (2 years), and programmer (5 years). He has consulted for both commercial and in-house software development organizations, including some with safety and mission critical applications. Many consulting assignments entailed assessments of software engineering or test practices and recommendations for improvement. Dave cofounded Software Quality Engineering (now TechWell)—the leading provider of software quality information worldwide—in 1986 and catalyzed the launch of Better Software magazine. He recently completed a book titled Understanding Requirements. His articles can be found here. David has a PhD in Computer Science, but has managed to help people do useful work anyway.