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Friday, October 5, 2018 - 9:45am to 10:30am

Spin Your Tale: The Fiction Writers’ Guide to Telling YOUR Story

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People are talking about you behind your back. Everyone is doing it: Your friends. Your co-workers. Your management. People you don’t even know! What are they saying? (What? You don’t know?!!) Whether you like it or not, your name has a brand attached to it. Like Jeff Bezos (you know, the CEO of a tiny company called Amazon with a VERY strong brand) says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Here’s the kicker though—you can't control your brand. It’s what OTHER PEOPLE think, say, and feel about you. However, you CAN craft and control your story. Your story is the thing that leads to your brand. If you don’t tell people the story you want them to repeat about you—they'll absolutely make one up for you, and without your input.

You probably spend a lot of time working to ensure your reputation is solid, but how much time do you spend thinking about how that work is perceived? Once you understand the world’s perception of you, you can craft the story and spin the tale you want to be told about you. Then people will call on you for the kinds of opportunities that someone of your skill set has earned through your hard work! People who spin their tale have made it big in this world. What they did for a living didn't matter, where they come from, or who they know. All that mattered is how they told their story, and YOU can do it too. Using a formula we've tested on a whole bunch of people (many just like you), you can join them. Come spend 45 minutes with us and Spin Your Tale.


Dona Sarkar wishes she’d been born a cat so she could have had nine lives. Since that didn’t work out, she decided to live nine lives in this one. Dona spends her days running the Windows Insiders program at Microsoft, celebrating diversity in STEM fields as a fashion blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, and launching her first fashion line called Prima Dona Style, this fall. She is the author of six works of fiction and nonfiction, including Scattered Ashes, which was deemed “too controversial” by fifteen publishing imprints! Dona feels very fortunate to have found her life’s calling: to help the next generation of creatives prepare for the technical revolution that's about to transform everything—again. Follow Dona on Twitter.