STARWEST 2019 Tutorial: Testing Today's Web Applications: Tools You Can Use


Monday, September 30, 2019 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Testing Today's Web Applications: Tools You Can Use

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If you are a software tester today, chances are you're testing a website or web application. Whether you are testing in a browser, within a web “wrapper” framework like Electron, or even in a web app wrapped in a mobile application, your customers are using web apps and websites constantly—and they want them to work well. Our challenge in testing, of course, is to test as thoroughly and efficiently as we can, given our time and resource constraints. Chris Kenst will demonstrate some of his favorite free and inexpensive tools for testing web apps and share stories of using these tools in the trenches. Bring a laptop and a website, and he will walk you through using built-in web debuggers, static analysis tools for web pages, performance and security testing tools, Docker, Postman, Cypress, and whatever else we can fit into this action-packed and entertaining tutorial.

Note: Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a Windows or Mac computer to this tutorial.


Chris Kenst has been improving software quality for nearly 15 years, now serving as an Automation Engineer at BloomNation in Santa Monica, CA. A Board Member for the Non-Profit Association for Software Testing he is working to build better testing education through the AST-BBST classes, webinars and more. An occasional speaker at software conferences and meetups, he writes regularly at and a few other places around the web. He created and maintains an open source list of software testing conferences and workshops from around the world at