STARWEST 2018 Tutorial: Testing Today's Web Applications: Tools You Can Use


Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Testing Today's Web Applications: Tools You Can Use

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If you are a software tester in 2018, chances are you're testing a website or web application. Whether you are testing in a browser, within a web “wrapper” framework like Electron, or even a web app wrapped in a mobile application, your customers are using web apps and websites constantly—and they want them to work well. Our challenge in test, of course, is to test as thoroughly and efficiently as we can, given our time and resource constraints. Long time software testing veteran Alan Page demonstrates some of his favorite free or inexpensive tools for testing web apps and shares stories of using these tools in the trenches. Some tales will make you laugh, some will make you shake your head, and a few just may make you scream out loud. Bring a laptop and a website, and Alan will walk you through using tools like Fiddler and built-in web debuggers; static analysis tools for web pages; performance and security testing tools; Docker; and whatever else we can fit into this action-packed and entertaining tutorial.

Note: Delegates are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer to this tutorial.

Alan Page

Alan Page has been improving software quality since 1993, now as director of quality for services at Unity. He spent more than twenty years at Microsoft, working on a variety of operating systems and applications in nearly every Microsoft division, and two years as Microsoft’s director of test excellence. Alan blogs, rants on Twitter, hosts a podcast (with Brent Jensen), and on occasion speaks at testing and software engineering conferences. The lead author on How We Test Software at Microsoft, he contributed chapters to Beautiful Testing, and Experiences of Automation. Alan shares his own take on the crazy and sometimes nonsensical world of test automation in The “A” Word.