STARWEST 2022 Tutorial: Techniques for Testers to Thrive in Agile Contexts


Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Techniques for Testers to Thrive in Agile Contexts


Let’s face it – agile testing is different. First of all, there are challenges integrating successfully within the teams themselves. Scrummer-fall is still running rampant. Then there is the dichotomy of testing vs. quality and balancing your and the teams focus. Finally, delivering value is also an imperative, but a challenge. In this dynamic workshop, join agile coaches Mary Thorn and Bob Galen as they show you the tools, techniques, and mindset you have to bring to the table in order to successfully test in agile contexts. We’ll examine risk-based testing, iterative test planning, exploratory testing, agile automation strategies, test metrics, test artifacts, and effective user stories. Then we’ll wrap by exploring our book The 3-Pillars of Agile Quality & Testing. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all testing techniques. So, the overall focus will be on adaptive and context-based tools to add to your agile testing toolbox.

Bob Galen
Zenergy Technologies
Bob Galen is an agile practitioner, trainer & coach based in Cary, NC. In this role, he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. He is Director of Agile Practices at Zenergy Technologies, a leading business agility transformation company. He is also President and Head Coach at RGCG a boutique agile coaching firm. Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on topics related to software development, project management, software testing, and team leadership. He is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), CAL I trainer, and an active member of the Agile & Scrum Alliances. He’s published...keeping the rest online...
Mary Thorn
S&P Global Ratings

During her more than 20 years of experience with financial, health care, and SaaS-based products, Mary Thorn has held VP, director, and manager-level positions in various software development organizations. A seasoned leader and coach in agile and testing methodologies, Mary has direct experience building and leading teams through large-scale agile transformations. Mary's expertise is a combination of agile scaling, agile testing, and DevOps, which her clients find incredibly valuable. Mary is also the chief storyteller of the book The Three Pillars of Agile Testing and Quality and an avid keynote and conference speaker on all things agile and agile testing.