STARWEST 2020 Tutorial: Running Risk Assessment Sessions


Monday, October 5, 2020 - 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Running Risk Assessment Sessions


Risk is a feature of every project. We work to minimize it when we're aware of it and mitigate it regardless. However, we have very few avenues to formally discuss risk with our teammates, which is why we need risk assessment sessions. Jenny will lead the group through the five stages of a well-run risk assessment session, and you will be able to break off into smaller groups to run your mini risk assessment on an example application! You will pick your features: how do we select the features for a risk assessment session? Jenny will suggest several methods, including grouping by pages and user stories. Pick a rating system: how do we talk objectively about the risks we're uncovering? We select a rating system and then give it value. Level-set your rating system: what does our system mean? Jenny will lead the group in level setting your rating system using input from business and product (gathered from real users of the system we'll be using! Assign values: this is the meat of the session. Expect hearty discussions on what features are and how important they are to the system overall. You'll come away from the session with a deeper understanding of risk, its place in our sprints, and hands-on experience with risk assessment sessions.

Jenna Charlton
Coveros, Inc.

Jenna Charlton has been a software tester for nearly a decade. In that time she’s focused on manual testing, taking a particular interest in web accessibility and usability. Jenna’s experience in testing runs the gamut from lone tester on a Scrum team to test lead on an enterprise-level project. Jenna’s primary areas of expertise are in agile testing methodologies, risk based testing, accessibility testing, and test leadership. She is a regular speaker at conferences, covering a variety of testing topics and team collaboration. Jenna is passionate about making testing concepts accessible and relevant.