STARWEST 2018 Leadership Summit Session: Inside-Out Leadership for a Changing World


Friday, October 5, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Inside-Out Leadership for a Changing World

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When Picture This Clothing launched in August of 2016 and instantly went viral, the media made it sound like Jaimee was a "simple mom" who stumbled upon a great idea and struck gold. What they didn't share is the teamwork, the trials-and-error, and the years of work that happened before this viral success. While her current day-to-day is quite literally surrounded with imagination, unicorns, and rainbows, Jaimee delves into the struggle of self-worth, re-designing her life, and how her compass of intention positioned everything that has unfolded as she shares the story of how Picture This Clothing came to be and how it's gone so far.

Jaimee Newberry
Picture This Clothing

Jaimee Newberry worked in the Web Interaction Design & Development industry from 1998-2013 with emphasis on empathetic and behavioral psychology-applied design for web, mobile web, iOS + Android applications working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Audi, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Disney, McDonald's, Nintendo, and Zappos. She’s CEO at Picture This Clothing, an active podcaster, writer, self-proclaimed professional experimenter obsessed with the positive habit-formation, and a mom. She also serves on the board of application development firm, MartianCraft, LLC. Her philosophy on life is fueled by fun, Muppets, Disney, and a heavy sprinkling of rebellion. Her mission is to contribute something positive to the world and create tools that allow others to do the same.