STARWEST 2024 Leadership Summit Session: Balancing AI Innovations with Fundamental QA Principles


Friday, September 27, 2024 - 8:45am to 9:45am

Balancing AI Innovations with Fundamental QA Principles

The pressure to adopt new technologies like AI and automation without a strong foundation in core QA principles is fraught with risk.  Jumping into AI without understanding how to best leverage AI within QA for business success can cause quality issues. But lagging behind your competitors when it comes to utilizing AI can result in loss of market share. Join Igor Dorovskikh as he guides QA leaders on creating a balanced approach that integrates the use of AI capabilities within essential QA fundamentals. You'll learn how to define and implement these core principles, identify the pitfalls of neglecting them, and assess your team's readiness for automation. The presentation will also cover best practices for strategically implementing AI tools and building successful hybrid QA models that leverage both traditional practices and modern advancements. By the end, you'll walk away with actionable strategies to ensure your QA team is effectively utilizing both cutting-edge technologies and fundamental principles to achieve optimal results.

Igor Dorovskikh

Igor Dorovskikh, CEO and Founder of, is a renowned expert in mobile development and testing with 15+ years of experience. His company serves elite clients, including Apple, Grammarly, and RewardStyle (LTK). Known for his proficiency in building exceptional engineering teams, Igor has successfully delivered top-notch mobile applications with high quality. Before, he collaborated with Fortune 500 giants like Barnes & Noble, Expedia, and Tinder in Silicon Valley. There, he greatly enhanced mobile release management, mobile DevOps, and quality processes. A sought-after speaker, Igor regularly shares his insights at both domestic and international events. As a distinguished thought leader in mobile development, Igor's unmatched expertise and dedication position him at the vanguard of innovation, emphasizing his passion for aiding businesses in attaining their objectives.