STARWEST 2020 Keynote : Rules Are Someone Else’s Opinion: Delinquents, Rebels & Outlaws—Why You Love Them…and Why You Secretly are One


Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:15am

Rules Are Someone Else’s Opinion: Delinquents, Rebels & Outlaws—Why You Love Them…and Why You Secretly are One

When you hear these words, do you imagine someone who would NEVER fit into a corporate environment…and more importantly, someone a corporation would definitely not want? Wrong! Turns out that corporations love rebels and DISRUPTORS and often these are people who rise and shine the most. Why? Because they aren’t satisfied with the status quo and are fearless enough to actually DO something about it. Because they believe that rules are someone else’s opinion, they aren’t afraid to break them and make newer and better ones. Does this sound familiar, fellow testers? If you’re ready to shake up how testing, data, validation, and ALL the things are done in your company…but aren’t sure how it’s time to unleash your inner rebel. Come and find out how to do this while remaining un-fired and un-jailed!


Dona Sarkar is convinced that working in an organization doesn't mean you need to turn into a corporate drone, obey your village elders, track your work in that tool, and risk dying of boredom. Instead, she believes that it's absolutely possible to win in the corporate world while still being YOU. How? By practicing the ancient art of Intrapreneurship. She spends her days heading up advocacy for the Power Platform at Microsoft, a product specifically designed for intrapreneurs!
Previously she was the head of the Windows Insider Program, a community of 18M tech enthusiasts in every country in the world.  She’s been in the tech industry for over a dozen years, and despite her decades of shenanigans, she remains unfired (and so far unjailed!). She spends her side-hustle time writing fiction and non-fiction books to help young professionals have the careers of their dreams, running an ethically-made luxury fashion line called Prima Dona, coaching entrepreneurs in emerging markets, saying words on stages all over the world, and coming up with some REALLY scheme-y schemes. Her favorite, FAVORITE job is being a bossy big sister to thousands of amazing humans who want to #DoTheThing. Find out more at