STARWEST 2020 Industry Presentation : What is Autonomous software testing? Types of testing. How does it work?


Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 1:30pm to 2:15pm

What is Autonomous software testing? Types of testing. How does it work?

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Artem is going to talk about what is “autonomous testing”:

1. Yet another type of testing? Why do we need it?
2. Classification of types of autonomous testing:
a. Types of functionality recognition
i. Discovery/rules-based
ii. Pattern-recognition-based
iii. Combinatorial-based
b. Types of testing:
i. Regression
ii. Discovery
3. Will walk through use cases for each type and when they are applicable
4. Talk about cases where all of them are not applicable
5. How autonomous testing can be integrated into CI/CD

You’ll see different examples in practice.

What you would learn:
1. What is Autonomous testing and what are classes of it
2. In what situation each type of autonomous testing is applicable

Artem Golubev


Artem Golubev is a software veteran, with more than 20 years in Software Development building various B2B Enterprise and E-Commerce software at companies like Microsoft, Salesforce. He is a Certified Enterprise Architect, holds CC, CL, ACB certifications from Toastmasters. During his career, he’s learned a lot about infrastructure, code management, and deployment and was Senior Engineering Manager of Infrastructure at Salesforce. More recently he’s dedicated time to automated software testing and is working as CEO at TestRigor. He is excited about technology helping people to solve their tedious tasks. Especially zero-downtime no-ops autonomous software which manages itself. He also enjoys snowboarding, full-bodied red wines and just plain fun.