STARWEST 2019 Industry Presentation : There’s More to Automation Than Just Testing


Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 9:45am to 10:45am

There’s More to Automation Than Just Testing

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You may have been told “we need to automate all our test scripts” or “we need to test faster, so let’s automate our tests”, but automating only tests likely will not improve your quality or time to market. Applications are continuing to become more and more complex, with integrations to back-end mainframe systems all the way to mobile devices, and everything in between. With this additional complexity, delivering high-quality applications in a timely manner is difficult.

We share how looking at your delivery pipeline to determine where improvements can be made is necessary for removing bottlenecks and streamlining application delivery. We show you examples of how our clients improved their delivery cycles and overall efficiency by implementing service virtualization, test automation, deployment automation, and other continuous delivery best practices and tools.


Marianne Hollier

HCL Technologies

An Open Group Master Certified IT specialist in application development, Marianne Hollier has strong, practical expertise in measurably improving the software development lifecycle and driving the necessary cultural changes to make it work. Marianne is instrumental in architecting, tailoring, and deploying best practices and appropriate software development tools on many types of projects—from large to small, long to fast-track, agile to traditional. Marianne is passionate about all things testing—process, tools, culture, and automation. Her broad-based experience spans both custom projects and standard software packages that apply to pharmaceutical, refining, telecommunications, healthcare, financial, automotive, government, and retail industries.

Matt Tarnawsky

Matt Tarnawsky

HCL Technologies
Chris Haggan

Christopher Haggan

HCL Technologies