STARWEST 2021 Industry Presentation : Testing Apps with AI


Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Testing Apps with AI

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How can you test all of the world’s apps and web pages? Using traditional testing techniques like appium and selenium will only get you half-way there. They won’t help you when you start running against unity based apps and games. Additionally, tests written for one platform don’t work on any others.

AI has the power to change that. Come find out how you can write tests like a test plan, and let the AI and machine learning do the hard work. See how tests can be written for any app, and run across a variety of platforms and form factors. Using the AI allows you to also get detailed system and performance information that needed to make quality evaluations.

  • Test any app, on any device, at scale 
  • One test run across multiple platforms
  • Using AI to get super human data

Chris Navrides

Chris Navrides is a software engineering lead at has raised over $17 million from Google and others to push the limits of testing in the areas of reuse, scale, and speed with an AI-first approach. Chris previously held test automation roles at Google on the Play Store and Ads teams. Chris also drove test automation for the Dropbox mobile app and System Center at Microsoft.