STARWEST 2022 - Dos Oruguitas: Software Testers...and Everyone Else | TechWell


Wednesday, October 5, 2022 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Dos Oruguitas: Software Testers...and Everyone Else

Disney's smash hit, Encanto, will be nearly a year old by the time STARWEST 2022 comes around, but my prediction is that we’ll all still be uncovering common threads between ourselves and the characters of this amazing film when we gather together in October. Software testers may find more similarities between Mirabel, Luisa, Camilio, Julieta, and others (you better BELIEVE we’re going to talk about Bruno!) than any other persona along the software development and testing lifecycle.

Learn the importance of knowing the characters (and gifts!) of this masterpiece you most align with, and just as importantly, how to lift up the other characters around you in order for everyone to reach their goals. Spoiler alert: This film will be explicated from start to finish! Come well-versed in the world of Encanto and be ready to face demons, celebrate, and sing of the joys of the struggles and achievements of not only the Family Madrigal but those of your own team and organizations at large. The “Casa de Calidad” depends on YOU, so don’t wait on a miracle a second longer; You’ve already arrived!


Noel Wurst has covered the software testing, development, and cloud computing space for the last 9+ years, and is currently the senior manager of communications at SmartBear. While “professionally responsible” for building communications strategies, and managing public relations initiatives, Noel also has a deep, personal interest in scaling diverse and inclusive workplace cultures, and evangelizing the all-encompassing importance of quality in our professional and personal lives. When Noel’s not writing, he enjoys nerding out over fashion documentaries, writing children’s literature, and hunting down exotic recipe ingredients.