STARWEST 2023 Concurrent Session : The Wheels of the QA Process Go Round and Round.


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

The Wheels of the QA Process Go Round and Round.

If we all know how to be good QA, why do the Star conferences exist? The truth is, we don't know because there isn't a Quality Assurance Engineer degree. We've made it up as we went along and are seeking help cobbling together tools and tricks to do our jobs better. The process I will go over isn't the end-all, be-all for QA but gives them the steps in the circular pattern that will help them find the success they are looking for. Agile development methodology is best done in a circle as each time the process completes, it lead directly into doing it again. Within that framework exists a QA methodology or process that starts at Design and ends post release. It differs from Scrum in that it focuses entirely on the Quality aspect and what we should be doing. I will discuss the process, give tips and strategies for success in some of the steps, and ask for feedback on what works for others and how it can be integrated into the Wheel of QA. Together we learn and become better.

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Mark Minson is a Swiss-Army knife in the QA field. A certified Scrum Master with QA Lead and automation experience, he has also spent time doing project management and an assortment of other duties. He enjoys the challenge of quality and having fun in the workplace. Since going back to school for his Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at 30 with 5 kids, he's been involved with QA automation and discovering the value of good process.