STARWEST 2022 Concurrent Session : Upskilling Your Team for Agile Testing


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Upskilling Your Team for Agile Testing

Agile and DevOps are transforming software development: production cycles are accelerating, more functions are being automated, and silos across the organization are coming down. But software testing continues to be a challenge: 43% of software developers say that testing is their biggest pain point during development. To help their organizations embrace agile development, QA leaders need a plan to upskill their teams. The agile tester needs a wide-ranging skillset: manual and automated testing, DevOps tools, communication, project management, and the ability to connect code to the customer experience. But how can they build these skills on the job? As the Solutions Engineering Manager at mabl, Darrel spends his days supporting teams at organizations like SmugMug, Ritual, and more through this transition. In his presentation, he’ll share what agile software development really means for software quality, and how real-world teams are helping software testers learn test automation, DevOps tools, and manual testing so they’re better prepared to lead in agile environments. Attendees will leave with a concrete understanding of what agile testing means, how they can grow their skillset on the job, and how real-world agile testers are leading transformations at their organizations.


Darrel Farris is a Solutions Engineering Manager at mabl, a low-code, intelligent test automation solution for quality engineering. As a former Senior Software Engineer in Test, he’s dedicated to helping software development teams at all stages of agile adoption master the tools, techniques, and skills needed to thrive in the new world of software. Prior to mabl, he spent much of his career working across a variety of roles within product delivery, often focused on aspects of quality and testing. His diverse technical experience and upbeat personality make him an engaging, compelling coach with a focus on nurturing good testing practices.