STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : Test Data as a Service: Fueling Quality at Speed


Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Test Data as a Service: Fueling Quality at Speed

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Any business that uses technology to interface with or provide service to their customers, suppliers, and partners requires customer-facing applications that have exceptional quality. The assurance of business outcomes must become an imperative for IT professionals, which means we must learn how to continually engineer quality into every product and process to provide confidence that our technology solutions protect the company brand. However, delivery within the required time frames is continually constrained by the quality, relevance, quantity, and security of test data. Join Michael Puntumapanitch as he discusses a test data management strategy, architecture, and proven solutions to address how you can build capabilities inside your company to provide test data as a service. Once enabled, you will transform your capacity to support product delivery teams, automate compliance, maintain data security controls, reduce cycle times and rework, and improve the quality and speed of your product releases.

1A1 Innovations

Mike Puntumapanitch is the principal consultant and transformation IT executive leading the Consulting Services & Digital Transformation practices at 1A1 Innovations. He has twenty years of experience driving change, improving service levels, and proving the value of IT services and systems within Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he led several transformation improvement initiatives within a large regional health care payer IT organization, with a focus on driving enterprise-wide changes through processes designed using ITIL/ITSM, COBIT, Lean Six Sigma, and agile/DevOps frameworks and principles. Mike P. is an expert in the monetization of ideas through digital transformation, improving operational processes and services to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share.