STARWEST 2022 Concurrent Session : Speed Up your Cloud Transformation by Giving Developers Back Control Over Their Dev & Test Environments


Wednesday, October 5, 2022 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Speed Up your Cloud Transformation by Giving Developers Back Control Over Their Dev & Test Environments

Todays Cloud Transformation is accompanied by a number of vital policies and norms, important for delivering scalable and robust systems at high quality. Yet, the same practices can also be road-blockers for cloud developers who are striving to build bleeding-edge systems. Although fast, iterative development processes with quick feedback loops are vital to creating a culture of continuous innovation across the organization, handcuffs are all too often imposed on cloud developers by important, yet cumbersome cloud approval processes, or unnecessarily long wait times during deployment and testing stages within their cloud infrastructure.

In this talk we will discuss common inefficiencies and roadblocks cloud developers face when developing against public clouds. We will learn how to give back control and autonomy to developers over their own dev and test environments, through local and hybrid cloud development patterns for fast feedback loops. Most importantly, we will also highlight how the same concepts can also be leveraged to substantially improve team collaboration, for the best possible developer engagement across all stages of the CI/CD pipeline. If you feel like you are not getting the full potential out of your cloud team, join me in this session and let’s discuss strategies on how to free your development teams from inefficient dev and test loops, while embracing security, quality, and compliance.

Gerta Sheganaku
LocalStack GmbH

Gerta is co-founder and COO of LocalStack, the leading platform for local cloud development and testing, based on the hugely popular open source framework with 37k+ stars on Github. Prior to founding LocalStack, Gerta led Product Management for AI/ML based test automation solutions at Tricentis, where she also consulted customers in different industries around the globe on strategies from a people, process and tooling perspective to make testing a key enabler for their digital transformation journey. During her studies of computer science at TU Vienna, Gerta performed award winning research in the areas of Cloud Computing, Process Management, and Operations Research at Data61 in Sydney, Australia, and worked with industry partners on the vision and roadmap for production data analytics and predictive maintenance solutions for manufacturing processes. Gerta is passionate about diversity in tech and has led global diversity programs to increase gender, ethnic, and racial diversity in tech companies.