STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : Setting Up Tomorrow's Testers for Success


Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Setting Up Tomorrow's Testers for Success

We have coding bootcamps, free online coding academies, and many other platforms to teach people programming skills. However, there are not similar programs for testers and other QA professionals. How do we nurture the next generation of talent, help people transition into the software testing discipline, and give future testers the best chance to be successful? Adam Sandman will detail how you can set up programs to make the transition into the testing/QA workforce easier, using actual examples and case studies as demonstrations. We will discuss how you can implement certifications in software testing, encourage part-time and flex-time working on integrated agile projects, and onboard individuals who have had careers outside of tech. Come learn some best practices for bringing new people into the testing/QA field, including training and mentoring ideas.

Adam Sandman

Adam Sandman was a programmer from the age of 10 and has been working in the IT industry for the past 20 years in areas such as architecture, agile development, testing and project management. Currently Adam is a Director of Technology at Inflectra Corporation, where he is interested in technology, business and enabling people to follow their passions.
At Inflectra, Adam has been responsible for researching the tools, technologies and processes in the software testing and quality assurance space. Adam has previously spoken at STAR West (2020), Agile DevOps West (2020), STPCon (2018 - 2020), Swiss Testing Day (2019 and 2020), EuroSTAR 2020, InflectraCon (2019 and 2020), TestingMind (2019 and 2020) and STAR Canada (2019).