STARWEST 2022 Concurrent Session : Scale up? Yes, but...


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 9:45am to 10:45am

Scale up? Yes, but...

Let's scale our business! Let's build new features, bring in more users, more customers, more transactions, more data! Let's hire more people across the globe, let's deploy to more servers, let's grow our cloud solution to achieve volume, let's set aggressive revenue growth goals. That's what we hear every day from our bosses. Next thing we know is our system breaks or becomes slow because it's not designed for higher volume, we can't hire and onboard people fast enough, there's more work than ever, but the customers are not happy, the sales are declining, and employees quit. In this presentation I will share my experiences and observations across multiple scaling initiatives, successful and not so much, to summarize what aspects of scale an organization must address, especially while focusing on quality.

This talk will be targeted to individual contributors and leaders across product management, development, and testing groups. It will help them become aware of the potential pitfalls on the path to scale. I will also share solutions, tips and tricks on how to make decisions or influence other decision makers.

Katy Sherman
Flip That Fund, Inc.

Katy Sherman started her career as a developer, then development manager. She worked for a number of companies, was introduced to Agile, loved it, and tried to apply those ideas wherever she could. In her current job of Director of Software Engineering she was put her in charge of a cross-functional group of developers and testers. Together they went on a journey to transform several huge business critical healthcare applications into nimble, robust and scalable products.