STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : The Road to Level 5 Autonomous Testing


Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

The Road to Level 5 Autonomous Testing

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Artificial intelligence is real and it is here, and there are many testing tools that have already applied machine learning (a subfield of AI) to improve their efficiency, robustness, and flexibility. But there are still questions about how far we have come in the quest for a tool that applies AI in such a way that testers could be replaced. Is this even possible? In the automobile industry, there is a vision of an autonomous future where vehicles will drive themselves with no human intervention. The road to level 5 autonomous driving provides some clear guidelines to help companies realize where they are on this path, and there is much the software testing community can learn from the automobile industry while traveling down the road to an AI-driven future. Kevin Pyles will compare and contrast AI-based testing with autonomous driving, including gauging where we are on the road to autonomous testing and what it will take to get us to level 5.

Domo, Inc

Kevin Pyles is a Director of QA Domo, Inc where he leads a team of 10 QA Engineers working on projects across web, mobile and more. Kevin has been in the QA industry now for over 12 years with project and management roles throughout. Kevin’s previous teams provided load testing for over 600K conn/sec and I18N and L10N for 100+ languages. He is also an award-winning international speaker. Kevin recently fell in love with AI and Python and started promoting AI as the future of testing, Follow Kevin on Twitter @pyleskevin.