STARWEST 2022 Concurrent Session : From Quality Advocate to Quality as a Service - Transforming a Legacy Quality Practice


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

From Quality Advocate to Quality as a Service - Transforming a Legacy Quality Practice

Maturing a new organization's quality practices, while challenging, is doable as processes are normally built with quality in mind. This can't be said for legacy applications, built on architectures that are decades old and supported by organizations leveraging varying development methodologies to deliver their products and capabilities. In this presentation we will discuss how T-Mobile embraced the diversity of our successful culture to not only transform but truly migrate to Quality as a Service.

During our discussion we will map the path that T-Mobile took to identify a horizon, translate this horizon into action build a plan, identify partners and vet technologies to enable the success of individual domains, subscribers and T-Mobile as a whole.


Aaron Haehn is Director of Quality for T-Mobile’s Enterprise Technology Services organization, responsible for maintaining the company’s reputation as industry leader in customer service. He leads a team that handles certification of software for internal and external customers, accounting for test data delivery, software certification and quality best practices.
Previously, Aaron held a variety of roles at Sprint, during which he held responsibility for all aspects of the IT technology stack such as shared services, company integrations and ultimately, the transformation of the company’s testing practices. This transformational activity saw his team evolve from a risk-based testing organization to a true quality assurance organization, with Aaron leading the maturation of environments, tools, release management, test data and enterprise best practices. During this time, Sprint realized signification improvements in quality delivery, automated execution and team empowerment.