STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : Performance Testing STARWars Ticket Sales: May the Force Be with You!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Performance Testing STARWars Ticket Sales: May the Force Be with You!

Imagine landing on a time-sensitive performance testing project with an added twist of leading the whole performance test architecture and strategy for one of the largest concurrent website loads; presale of Star Wars movie tickets. As scary as this may sound it was quite an exciting hands-on learning experience. Our solutions enabled the client to optimize their system by a factor of 7x on the basis of performance and scalability. Join me as I share the journey behind the success story that our team took to build a performance testing stack from scratch; best approach to garnering performance test requirements, design, development, and execution of effective performance test strategy (baseline, load, stress, spike and scalability tests), durable test scripts, experience in using internal and commercial load testing platforms and going beyond the expectation to develop a test environment prototype using Jenkins, AWS & Ansible to initiate a culture of continuous performance testing.

QualityWorks Consulting

Ria Joseph started her career as a mobile application developer but found her true calling in Quality Assurance and Engineering where she was enamored by the wonders of software testing. So much so, she became a certified tester through the International Software Testing Qualifications Body (ISTQB). Working as a Senior QA Consultant for QualityWorks Consulting Group, she is passionate about helping companies to deliver quality products and services. She does so with her expertise in performing manual, automated and performance testing of API services, mobile and web applications. She believes in giving back to the community by sharing her knowledge and passion for testing at local conferences such as the DevSecOps conference held by the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS).