STARWEST 2019 Concurrent Session : Make Your UI Tests Resilient with the Next Generation of Frameworks


Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Make Your UI Tests Resilient with the Next Generation of Frameworks

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A big problem with test automation on any platform or operating system is synchronizing test automation interactions with the UI. It is challenging to know when the UI is ready for the next automated click(). Traditional black box tools try to address this problem by explicit or implicit waiting, but this technique is slow and error-prone. A new generation of test frameworks, starting with Espresso, understands the internals of the app and synchronizes interactions only when the view is ready, making the framework very fast and reliable. This same technique is making Cypress and EarlGrey popular. Join Satyajit Malugu to discover how peeking below the surface of the system under test makes tests less flaky. You'll leave with an understanding of synchronization, black box versus gray box testing, and how to implement them in your own frameworks.

Satyajit Malugu

Satyajit Malugu is a principal SDET focusing on mobile testing at GoDaddy in Kirkland, Washington, US. His work involves automation of native (Android/iOS) and hybrid apps and providing test perspective to his team, which recently converted from waterfall to an agile process. He played a key role in creating build, test, deploy pipelines for native apps, enabling his team to move to a weekly release cadence on iOS and Android apps. Before GoDaddy, he worked at Urbanspoon and gained SDET knowledge at Microsoft.