STARWEST 2018 Concurrent Session : How to Be an Accessibility Ally


Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

How to Be an Accessibility Ally

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In the constant fight against deadlines, testers have trouble finding time to check for accessibility in their project. When push comes to shove and decisions need to be made, the concerns of users with disabilities are far too often put on the back burner. Nathan Rogowski has developed testing approaches that you can apply early in the process to effectively catch accessibility bugs that block some users from getting the full benefit of your software. Nathan discusses which areas of accessibility testing will give the most return on your investment, the benefits and limitations of automated tools, and how to use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Nathan shows how to use the WCAG’s four principles to maximize efficiency. Join Nathan to learn how to quickly and effectively test color contrast, keyboard-only navigation, switch access, and screen readers. Leave this session confident and able to identify the key elements of accessibility testing and armed with tools and techniques to make it fit seamlessly into your current process.


Nathan Rogowski has been a dedicated Accessibility QA Engineer with Instructure for the last three years and has worked with the accessibility community for most of his life. He's had the opportunity to give presentations to QA user groups in Salt Lake City and Chicago and most of his recent work has been focused on educating others in a corporate environment and auditing new products ensure they are usable by everyone. When not leading trainings about the nuances of accessibility testing or preaching the good word of inclusive design, he's usually trying to convince his peers to close their eyes while testing.