STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : Event Driven Automation to Enhance Customer Experience


Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

Event Driven Automation to Enhance Customer Experience

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EDA (Event Driven Automation) is a framework containing computer programs and workflows written to “listen” and respond to events generated by the user or the system. Applications rely on programming that separates event-processing logic from the rest of its code. With EDA, an event can be any identifiable occurrence that has significance for the workflow for which it is designed. Examples might include events caused by a large user-generated volume of requests and system-generated events such as program failing to load, sensor outputs, or messages from individual threads. EDA is accomplished through sensors that listen for the events, which then trigger a potentially complex sequence of actions either sequentially or in parallel. These actions form a workflow where values derived from a set of actions are passed through to a subsequent set of actions based on specified conditions or predetermined criteria. These actions can be written in any programming language to improve responsiveness, throughput, and flexibility in a given workflow. Attendees will learnabout our journey towards self healing infrastructure, starting with implementing self healing via SaltStack then moving towards Rundeck and now finalised on StackStrom – and how this is helping us to resolve thousands of alerts without SRE intervention.

Arun Kumar Singh

Arun Kumar Singh is a Site Reliability Engineer & DevOps professional currently working at Adobe. He loves automation, self-healing and auto-remediation. Arun has been working on several automation projects in the past 6 years. Arun's most recent work has been revolving around improving the efficiency and productivity of site reliability engineers and devops professionals in day to day work scenario. He loves to attend conferences and share his knowledge. He has been a speaker at DevOpsDays Geneva and PyCon India and will also be a speaker in DevOpsCon Singapore.