STARWEST 2021 Concurrent Session : End to End Performance Testing - Automated!


Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

End to End Performance Testing - Automated!

End to end tests used to be the de facto standard in the performance testing world. However, with the advent of microservices that evolve rapidly, it has become more and more difficult to maintain end to end performance test suites. As a result, teams have gravitated towards having isolated micro-service level performance tests that are easier to maintain. This, however, leaves a gap in achieving the transaction mix and overall system load that E2E performance tests are best suited to provide. So when faced with this dilemma, Kaushal and his team took on an ambitious goal to automate the generation of end to end performance tests for every new build - from recording to parameterizing, correlating, adding checks and custom logic, updating the scenario, running the tests, hosting the results, updating the CI, running comparisons, sending out notifications and reports. Join Kaushal as he takes you through the journey of building this system and describes some of the patterns that you could potentially adopt in your organization.



Since he got his first computer at age thirteen, Kaushal Dalvi has been interested in systems and software performance. He spent days researching performance characteristics of different motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and disks to configure and overclock them in order to squeeze the maximum frames per second out of the games he played. Kaushal built and maintained websites for local businesses, where he started learning about performance and reliability. He developed a taste for it, and now ten years later he continues working in the same field as the director of quality and performance engineering at Ultimate Software, leading teams that deal with workload modeling, test scripting and execution, bottleneck analysis, debugging, and much more.