STARWEST 2022 Concurrent Session : Cypress Holds the Belt. Is Selenium Still in the Fight?


Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Cypress Holds the Belt. Is Selenium Still in the Fight?

Cypress is standing tall as the leader in today’s automated testing community. Does that mean Selenium has been knocked out? I thought so after first using Cypress to build my company’s corporate website automation suite. I loved the simplicity of the install, the stability of the test runs and the easier-to-read code, not to mention the size of the active community. Using cy.contains() made writing automated tests so easy. But all it took was one week on a client project to convince me that Selenium was not out of the fight. Cypress was not able to handle authentication with Azure AD. We cried as the authentication screen took over the iFrame and we lost the Cypress Test Runner. Backend API authentication did not give us the confidence needed for repeatable authentication and test runs even after several spikes and tutorials working with the tokens. Selenium gave us the victory with authentication while quickly showing us other things that Cypress could not handle like switching browser tabs and bringing in desktop add-ons like Winium to simulate drag-and-drops. I will discuss the many ways that Selenium is still standing while also detailing why Cypress has won more rounds.
World Wide Technology

Michael serves as a QA Technical Mentor for the Software Consulting Services team at World Wide Technology. His focus involves software consulting for UI test automation, testing strategy, quality advocacy and agile transformation.

Michael has consulted for multiple Fortune 500 companies in his career. He is experienced in test automation creation and execution, implementing test automation into continuous delivery and implementing test maintenance strategies. Michael has created large test suites that incorporate multiple user personas and multiple test environments. He is experienced with UI and API test automation in addition to performance testing, database testing, mobile testing and application integration testing.

Michael has over 12 years of experience working with software development teams in the roles of quality advocate, business analyst, mentor/trainer, consultant and retrospective facilitator.