STARWEST 2021 Concurrent Session : Building Scalable Software via Testing


Wednesday, October 6, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Building Scalable Software via Testing

Have you ever run into a situation where you had to build a new product using a completely different tech stack without knowing whether it will scale or not? And later on dealt with an incident in the middle of the night for that same product that could not cope with sudden surge of traffic? Re-architecting the core infrastructure of a non-scalable software is expensive and can be avoided if performance and chaos testing is involved during the very early stages of software development, whether it’s creating a proof of concept of the scalability aspect for a newly proposed technology or testing the resiliency of your application through chaos and security testing. In this session, I’ll walk you through my journey of architecting and building scalable software through various testing approaches and stages and share the lessons I’ve learnt from doing so. 

Malika Nikhmonova

Malika Nikhmonova a software engineer on the messaging team at Twilio, which is a is a cloud communications platform-as-a-service company based in San Francisco. Prior to Twilio, she was working as a quality assurance test engineer at a solar company, NRG Home Solar. While working on the Twilio Messaging team, any new product is expected to sustain high load traffic, given that messaging accounts for the largest share of traffic at Twilio. Coming from a testing background, one of the main resilience criteria she has in mind when it comes to designing and building a new product is making sure an application is thoroughly tested.