STARWEST 2020 Concurrent Session : Building in House Scalable Mobile Lab for Automation


Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 3:45pm to 4:45pm

Building in House Scalable Mobile Lab for Automation

It is becoming more and more challenging to test mobile apps on different devices, with different screen sizes, running different operating systems. During the development of a mobile app, we can easily verify and test the app on a mobile simulator or emulator. However, only simulator or emulator testing isn't enough, we need to make sure that our app works on devices that our users carry with them in their pocket. Creating a in house Automation Mobile Lab will be a good decision if you're looking to do automated testing, for example with Selenium and Appium. An automation Mobile Device Lab is usually a closet or board, filled with the mobile devices we want to test on. Each device is connected to a computer which itself is registered in CI as an automation agent.A year ago we started our journey of creating a scalable automation mobile device lab which allows us to run more than 2000 Appium tests on daily basis. During this talk I will share the experience that we gain during our long journey of creating our Scalable Automation Device Lab and the solution that allows us easily integrate it with CI tools.

Sargis Sargsyan

Have been in the software industry for about ten years. Agile believer and excellent team player with an experience working in distributed international teams, using Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodology. Was a part of solid industries specialized on Mobile, Web, SaaS and Enterprise applications. Passionate about public speaking and knowledge sharing. Has spoken at some of the biggest conferences, including Selenium Conf, Appium Conf, Agile Testing Days, SQA Days, TaesWarez, HUSTEF, etc. Have been one of the organizers of international events like UX Yerevan, QA Meetups Yerevan.