STARWEST 2021 Concurrent Session : Automation is easy. It's the Testabality That's Hard.


Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Automation is easy. It's the Testabality That's Hard.

There's no shortage of front-end and backend tools to create automated tests. There are even AI-aided tools and self-healing tests. If so, then why do so many automation projects fail or lose credibility? The big challenge with automation is not making button click through a script. That's the easy part. The challenge with automation is creating an environment that is deterministic, decoupled from dependencies that make test results unpredictable. One of the toughest dependency issues revolved around data, creating it, consuming it and discarding it. At Transamerica, we developed a tool Test Data as A Service, or TDAAS to provision 401k data for testing, with an API. This concepts allows for data tp be always the same as it is backed up into a read-only repo, and then cloned through the API. Shlomo will discuss the problem and the solutions Transamerica considered before arriving on a solution, and how it greatly stabilized their automation.

Shlomo Friedman has more than twenty years of experience as a developer and a QA manager, leading teams of 20-40 SDETs. He has worked as a QA manager in some of largest financial institutions: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Depository Trues, Citigroup and now Transamerica, where he had up the COE. In addition, Shlomo has worked as an instructor of Computer Science. His experience with automation has let him focus efforts on creating testable applications, or creating the necessary conditions for legacy application to be testable in an automated way.