STARWEST 2019 Concurrent Session : Are You the Best Leader You Can Be?


Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 11:15am to 12:15pm

Are You the Best Leader You Can Be?

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We are all leaders. At a minimum, we must lead ourselves every single day, but many of us also have teams that we lead and serve. Have you ever stopped to analyze yourself to determine if you are the best leader you can be? Amy Jo Esser has had the joy of learning from many great leaders outside the testing arena, including John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Michael and Megan Hyatt, and Rachel Hollis. She continues to learn from leaders in our testing community, including the inspiring leaders and speakers who have been a part of the Women Who Test community. Join Amy Jo as she shares ways to be the best leaders we can be by employing approaches from these leaders, including “Win the Morning, Win the Day,” “The Continuous Learning and Growing We All Must Do,” and “Honoring and Embracing Your Fears,” as well as tips from other favorite leadership books, blogs, and podcasts.


Amy Jo Esser is an enthusiastic self-confessed conference and learning addict. She feels like a kid in a candy store at conferences. She has enjoyed learning at conferences from the beginning of her career through today, and she considers herself a learning leader. Amy Jo believes the time is now to start giving back at conferences for all the lessons she has learned along her career journey, which began over thirty years ago as a programmer. Since then she has moved through various roles, including systems analyst, project manager, automation tester, and solo tester to her current company, ProAssurance, and her current role as director of quality. Amy Jo loves her “work” growing as a leader and has a passion for serving her team of managers and testers so that they can serve their customers by providing them with the best information to do their jobs successfully.